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$1 validation fee for all color packs
$2 validation fee for all rainbow packs

*Cashball is played at all sessions – unless noted otherwise.

Bonus X Goes Wild-$1 per 3-on strip
Hit BINGO on the Bonus X within the posted numbers and receive $2,500

$2 Bigger Bingo Coverall Multi-location Jackpot win up to a 100% of the progressive jackpot in 55 numbers or less. Jackpot from $10,000 and growing.

$1 Edgewater's Double Progressive starting at $10,000 progresses to 35 numbers or until won

Brochure Rules Winners

Edgewater's Double Progressive Jackpot

Play this always-changing progressive that increases until it’s hit!

Edgewater's Double Progressive available at all sessions – unless noted otherwise.

Jackpot progresses to 35 numbers or until won with a consolation of $200 per session
Jackpot starts at $10,000
Play for $1 per card (maximum of 30)

Brochure Rules

Programs subject to change without notice. Visit the bingo room for complete rules and details.