Bingo Room Rules

  1. Guest must be 21 years of age or older to be in the Bingo Room.
  2. Guest must be playing the minimum buy-in to be seated in the room.
  3. All paper packs must be marked with a dauber.
  4. Only one electronic unit per guest is allowed.
  5. It is the guest’s responsibility to keep the correct receipt with their electronic units.
  6. It is the guest’s responsibility to stop the game when they have a winner by calling “bingo” loudly and clearly, with hand remaining in the air until verified so that both the agents and caller are alerted.
  7. A ball shown on the camera is not official until it is called.
  8. Once the caller closes a game, no late winners will be honored.
  9. Paper players must be on the correct sheet to have a valid winner.
  10. No splitting or sharing of any paper packs or electronic units.
  11. All bingo cards are valid only for the session in which they are purchased
  12. Guest may buy-in up until the close of the second game of the session.
  13. Winners do not need the last number called unless otherwise stated.
  14. All paper and electronic validations must be done at the time of purchase.
  15. Guest must verify their purchases at the selling window as all sales are final.
  16. Every effort is made to ensure that there are no duplicate cards sold during a single session.
  17. If duplicate cards are sold during the same single session due to human error or manufacturer error, Management is not held responsible.
  18. If the agent fails to drop the bingo balls between games, as soon as the error is discovered, the bingo balls will be dropped and play will continue.
  19. No refunds will be offered. When balls come up that have already been called, they will be shown on camera and play will continue.
  20. If a player has a double bingo on a single bingo, the game will be advanced and no balls will be called until the winner is verified.
  21. No reserve seats will be held after close of game 1.
  22. If the guest wants to swipe their player’s card, it must be swiped at the time of purchase .
  23. No cigar or pipe smoking is allowed inside the Bingo Room.
  24. All winners are paid aggregately.
  25. Cell phones must be on silent during the session. Please step outside of Bingo room to make or receive calls.
  26. Talking must be kept to a minimum, as in not to be disrupting to surrounding guests.
  27. No reserve seating while session is in play; unless playing current session.
  28. Player must have last number called on all second and third chance coveralls.
  29. If a player must leave the room for any reason during the session, player should contact an agent before leaving.
  30. Player must have played the session to be eligible for Coverall and Double Progressive.
  31. In the event of a dispute of situation not covered by the rules stated above, bingo Management will resolve issues. This decision will be final and binding.
  32. No outside food allowed.
  33. For pricing and specific game details, see or ask the bingo agent for relevant collateral. 
  34. Management reserves all rights.


Cashball Rules

  1. The Cashball is a progressive jackpot.
  2. Participants must validate their packs to be eligible for the jackpot.
  3. There is a $1 or $2 validation charge for each pack purchased. The bottom of the receipt will state Paper Validated or Electronic Validated.
  4. Validation is only good for the session in which the packs were purchased.
  5. The first ball drawn on the first game of the session will be the Cashball for that session.
  6. Winning on that number on games 2-5 and 7-11 on a validated pack entitles the winner to the Cash ball progressive jackpot. All Cash Ball winners are paid aggregately.
  7. The Cashball must be the last number called in the pattern of the winning card to be a valid winner.
  8. Once the Cashball has been won then your 2nd Chance Cashball is in effect.
  9. Each session has a separate progressive Cashball amount. Jackpots are based on monies accrued from sales for that session.
  10. Once the Cashball has been hit, it will return to the original starting point plus any monies accrued from sales for that session. It will increase from there.
  11. ALL players must retain their receipts for validation purposes.
  12. It is the players responsibility to make sure their paper and electronic receipts are validated.
  13. Management reserves all rights to revise or cancel all specials or promotions at any time without prior notice.


Double Progressive Jackpot Rules

  1. Double Progressive is a coverall game and can only be won within the posted number of balls drawn.
  2. Double Progressive starts at 32 numbers and will progress every 14 days up to the 35th number, where it will remain until the jackpot is won.
  3. The Jackpot Starting point is $10,000 and will progress daily.
  4. Double Progressive is played at all sessions.
  5. Double Progressive cards are sold for $1 each paper or electronic.
  6. Maximum of 30 Double Progressive cards per electronic unit.
  7. A minimum buy-in for the session is required to purchase a Double Progressive card.
  8. Guest must have played the session to be eligible to win on the Double Progressive card.
  9. Guests must have a minimum of one Double Progressive to be eligible.
  10. The Cashball or any other games that require validation are not valid on the Double Progressive cards.
  11. Payouts are aggregate.
  12. Double Progressive can only be played at the session in which it was purchased.
  13. Must have the last number called to win the jackpot amount. This does not apply to consolation.
  14. All other Bingo Rules apply unless otherwise stated.
  15. Management reserves all rights to modify or cancel this promotion at any time without notice.